Virtual CFO Services

Our outsourced Accounting Services in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneswar takes care of the reports, transactions, compliance, tax regulations, and analysis of financial data. From managing books and bank reconciliation to preparing advanced reports and audit preparation, bookkeeping and accounting are deeply rooted in every organization. While bookkeeping ensures that the financial records of your organization are up-to-date, accounting manages reporting, analysis, and classification of data. Both activities are extremely important for all the businesses but leaving the task in the hands of an untrained executive can lead to business risks. Small and medium enterprises are often more susceptible to these risks, as they don’t have the resources to employ a full team. Hiring a bookkeeper and accountant may not fulfill the post requirements or justify the work. These activities may take too much time and take time away from other essential business functions. The cost of managing an in-house hire is also high. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to also face legal and compliance implications due to mistakes.

Virtual CFO Services

  • Evolution oriented proposition
  • Investor Reporting

If you have external investors on board, it is important that you have a dedicated team to manage and liaison with these investors. Each investor may have their own reporting structures, and information requirements. Our team will help your company manage external investors by sending them periodic financial updates and reports.

Monthly MIS

  • Capital raise follow up
    Adhoc reports for the investors
  • Quarterly strategic and business updates
  • Our team of experienced consultants follow a well-documented, and professional approach to managing external investors and lenders.

Compliance Review

Our team brings a 360° compliance management to your business by keeping track of various compliance requirements applicable to your business. We cover the following aspects in our ongoing compliance review:

  • Company law and corporate governance
  • Income tax and TDS
    Goods and Service Tax
  • Employee labour laws – EPF, ESI, LWF
  • Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
  • Covenants in loan and investor agreements
  • Our team ensures on time compliance with all relevant statutory laws that are applicable to your business.


Financial Management

Running out of capital is the second biggest reason why most businesses fail. The primary role of a chief financial officer in any organization is to oversee the financial management function, maintain and report on the financial activities of the business. Our expert CFOs help you manage funds to ensure that your working capital levels are optimally managed. More specifically, these include:

  • Cash flow management
  • Receivables and collection
  • Payables and vendor payments
  • Fund management and treasury operations


Budgeting & Controls

Budgetary controls are one of the most commonly used checks put in place to ensure that your business is not spending more than what it is supposed to. The objective is to give you enough leeway such that you can capitalize on any opportunities that emerge, and focus on growth.

  • P&L budgets
  • Cash flow budgets
  • Cost-sheet variance
  • Group-level consolidated budgets
  • Our team of experienced consultants follow a well-documented, and professional approach to ensure that you stay on top of your numbers.


Transactional Support

Our transactional support services provides you with traditional accounting services such as month-end financial statements, bank reconciliation, and management reporting.

  • Month-end adjusting entries
  • Reconciliations
  • Transactional entries
  • Trial balance generation
  • We’re not just a team of bookkeepers and accountants. Our team goes beyond the traditional day-to-day book keeping by laying a solid foundation to help your business grow to the next level.

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